How to Hire the Right In-home Caregiver

Many boomers must hire someone to assist them or their parents with the daily activities of life, such as meals, laundry, and transportation. Others may also need more personal tasks, such as bathing, dressing or incontinence. There is also a plethora of home care agencies and private pay persons offering […] Read more »

Exercise for Older Adults Key to Reducing Falls

Caregiver helping client

Incorporating exercise for older adults can significantly reduce falls. Reducing the chance of falling is essential because falls are a major threat to an older person’s ability to live independently. Falls are the main cause of serious injuries and accidental deaths in older people. They are also the top cause […] Read more »

Social Worker/Case Manager Appreciation Luncheon

Covenant Home Care at Social Worker/Case Manager Luncheon

Covenant Home Care was a  Platinum sponsor at the  Senior Living Guide Social Worker/Case Manager Appreciation Luncheon on March 21.   This is a great event to show appreciation to the Social Workers and Case Managers in the Central Virginia area for all the hard work and dedication they give to […] Read more »

Enhancing the Holiday for Older Adults

While planning for the upcoming holidays, remember that older adults may need extra care. Keep in mind that your parents and/or grandparents may not be as mobile as they were the last time you visited. As we age, we are also less inclined to drive in winter weather, heavy holiday […] Read more »

Dangers From Cooking Fires for Older Adults

dangers from cooking fires for older adults

There are serious dangers from cooking fires for older adults, including injury and death. According to US FEMA fire statics, older adults have the greatest risk of dying in a fire, Ages 65 and over have a risk that is 2.5 times greater than the population as a whole. If […] Read more »

How to Have a Successful Discussion with an Older Adult

successful discussion with an older adult

You only have to learn four simple steps to have a successful discussion with an older adult on any subject.  These steps allow you to approach a difficult subject with almost anyone, and will definitely help you have a successful discussion with an older adult. Eventually everyone has to face […] Read more »

Eating Oranges for Eye Health – Reduce risk of macular degeneration

eating oranges for eye health

We’ve all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but did you know that eating oranges for eye health is important? The study that demonstrated this was 15-years long and involved 2,856 adults who were greater than 49 years old at the beginning of the study. The […] Read more »