Falling is the greatest threat to elderly independence

elderly women fell

Older adults fear loss of independence even more than death, according to various studies conducted by Clarity, AARP, MetLife and others. Yet most people are unaware that falling is the greatest threat to elderly independence. Therefore reducing the risk of falling should be the priority of family members and the […] Read more »

Hidden Value of Companion Care

lonley older adult

As a Companion Care provider we work diligently to reveal the hidden value of Companion Care. Often doctors, family members, and even older adults who need our service don’t understand how valuable it is. Adult children do their best after work to take care of a load of laundry for […] Read more »

Easing your parent out of the driver’s seat

disucssion with parent

Relinquishing the keys is difficult for any adult to do, so how do you ease your parent out of the driver’s seat? It is particularly difficult in the U.S. because driving in America is synonymous with freedom and adulthood. This is especially true for anyone over 50. Giving up driving […] Read more »

Distracted Driving Among the Elderly

elderly driving

Most seniors fear losing their driving privileges. One of the ways to reduce that risk is dealing with distracted driving among the elderly. Your first thought may be cell phones and texting equals distracted driving, but it’s bigger than that. It’s true that cell phones and texting are a huge […] Read more »

Neglect is a Common Form of Elder Abuse

loneliness is detrimental to health

Neglect is a common form of elder abuse and it doesn’t always come from external sources. Neglect is frequently self-imposed and overlooked. It’s true. Elder abuse is often misunderstood and undetected. According to the Bureau of Justice it affects about 9.5% of the elderly population. But that is based on […] Read more »

Why Hire a Covenant Home Care Employee?

Finding the right caregiver seems like a daunting task. You’ll discover you can hire private caregivers through family, friends, neighbors, classifieds, and various online services. You can also obtain a caregiver through agencies. Some agencies act as “clearing house” and offer independent caregivers for hire. Others offer services to the […] Read more »

Using Your Hands to Determine Portion Sizes

hands are your food portion size guide

We can all learn what to eat as an older adult, but then we come to the $64,000 question: What is a serving size? For that, I turn to Simin Levinson who is a proponent of using your hands to determine portion sizes.  Simin Levinson, MS, RDN, CSSD is Clinical […] Read more »

Things to Consider when Preparing Meals for Older Adults

preparing meals for older adults

Becoming a caregiver to a parent involves a lot of changes and challenges in your life. One of those can be preparing meals. We know you’ve been preparing meals for years, however preparing meals for older adults can be challenging. Their medications can mean that certain foods must be avoided […] Read more »

Blessing 2017 and Community Outreach

Pictured below are the volunteers from Ashland Christian Emergency Services at the annual thank you luncheon held at Ashland Christian Church. We all do different things. Some work in the store where free food and clothing is provided. Some collect food and clothing and prepare them for people to come […] Read more »