Brown Bag Medication Review: What is it and why should you do it?

Conducting a brown bag medication review on a regular basis can significantly protect your health. This is an important activity for everyone who takes medications and/or supplements. We often think of vitamins and supplements as “natural” but that is a misnomer. They are for all intent and purposes a drug […] Read more »

A Medication Reminder System is Essential to Your Health

Home-Made medication reminder system

Why Medication Reminder Systems are Important One of the wonders of modern medicine are the wide variety of medications that enhance both the quality and length of our lives. Today medicine is used to control blood pressure, insulin, cholesterol and even the rate at which our hearts beat. Yet medicines […] Read more »

Medication Reminders

One of the initial issues that always crops up when we do an assessment for a client and their family is the issue of medication management.  Sometimes there is just no substitute for having a caregiver on site to monitor medication intake (especially in dementia patients) to ensure medication reminders […] Read more »