Myths of Aging

Many of us grew up hearing and seeing things that didn’t make old age a very exciting time in life to look forward to. Perhaps we had older relatives who were “old before their time” or were “stuck in their ways.” Fortunately, times have changed and today’s seniors are healthier, […] Read more »

Spending Down to Medicaid Doesn’t Have to Impoverish Both Spouses

One of the biggest worries of a married couple where one spouse needs to go into a nursing home is that the spouse who is still at home will become impoverished in order to pay their partner’s bills. While it is true that the nursing home spouse may not have […] Read more »

Senior Living Expert Panel: Top 6 Predictions for 2014

1. Technology in Senior Living and Healthcare From wearable sensors, which can help with fall prevention and chronic disease management, to wireless communication and alert systems, technology is already revolutionizing senior care as we know it, and the trend is poised to continue. “Very soon, we’re going to find ourselves serving a […] Read more »