24-Hour Care Services

24-Hour Care Services

If you need 24-Hour Care, Covenant Home Care does provide a team of caregivers to ensure that someone is caring for the client round-the clock. An alternative to that may be our Live-in Care, which still ensures that a caregiver is present 24/7 in the home.

Live-In Care is a great option for clients who would like the security of having someone with their loved one at all times. A live-in companion/caregiver works directly with the client 8-10 hours per day, has free time to themselves in the evening (but remains in the residence), and sleeps in the evening. The live-in rate can be almost half the rate of round-the-clock care. A live-in is a great alternative for families that want someone around continuously but do not need round-the-clock care.

24-Hour and Live-in Care Bonuses

Covenant Home Care’s 24-hour clients love our foot nurse. Qualifying clients get a visit every 90 days. During the visit they receive personalized foot and hand care in the comfort of their home. Covenant Home Care Certified Foot Care Nurse program has a positive impact on our aging community. The service provides much needed foot and hand care while in the comfort of their home. It eliminates our client’s need for transportation to a podiatrist or nail salon.


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