Good Eye Podcast with Lorna Smith

Lorna Smith, of Covenant Home Care, was a guest on the Good Eye Podcast. Listen to learn more about how Covenant Home Care cares for their clients, hires employees, and deals with keeping their clients safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Good Eye Podcast features conversations with interesting guests about […] Read more »

Foot and Hand Care for 24 Hour Clients

Covenant Home Care’s 24-hour clients love our foot nurse. Qualifying clients get a visit every 90 days. During the visit they receive personalized foot and hand care in the comfort of their home. Covenant Home Care Certified Foot Care Nurse program has a positive impact on our aging community. The […] Read more »

Family Caregiver Support Network Important

family caregiver with parents

Many adult children with parents needing assistance with daily activities of living have parents who are reluctant to accept “outside” help. Often these children find themselves in the position of being the family caregiver even though it may negatively affect their own lives. 10 million caregivers aged 50+ who care […] Read more »

Falling is the greatest threat to elderly independence

elderly women fell

Older adults fear loss of independence even more than death, according to various studies conducted by Clarity, AARP, MetLife and others. Yet most people are unaware that falling is the greatest threat to elderly independence. Therefore reducing the risk of falling should be the priority of family members and the […] Read more »

Neglect is a Common Form of Elder Abuse

loneliness is detrimental to health

Neglect is a common form of elder abuse and it doesn’t always come from external sources. Neglect is frequently self-imposed and overlooked. It’s true. Elder abuse is often misunderstood and undetected. According to the Bureau of Justice it affects about 9.5% of the elderly population. But that is based on […] Read more »

Why Hire a Covenant Home Care Employee?

Finding the right caregiver seems like a daunting task. You’ll discover you can hire private caregivers through family, friends, neighbors, classifieds, and various online services. You can also obtain a caregiver through agencies. Some agencies act as “clearing house” and offer independent caregivers for hire. Others offer services to the […] Read more »